Game fishing

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River Ebro’s stretch which covers the installations of ALMAEBRE FISHING CAMP is a paradise for high-level game fishing lovers.

pikeperch CÁNDAT

It offers a great number of hunting and autochthonous species as the Barbel of Graells (Barbus graellsii), the Barbel culirroyo (B. haasi), the Pikeperch, the Carp… and foreign species like the Shetfish (Silurus glanis) and the Black Bass (Lepomis gibbosus).



ALMAEBRE FISHING CAMP installations have achieved to catch Sheatfish’s specimens (Silurus glanis) of more than 80 kg.

This privileged enclave is turning into a place of reference for national and foreign fishermen who are eager to weigh up with a fish that its morphological characteristics have converted into a myth of high-level’s fishing.



big pikeperch

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