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Pier Almatret with disinfection station for the zebra mussel

To prevent the spread of the pest of the zebra mussel is necessary to comply with disinfection protocols established legally by the Ebro River Basin Authority All equipment and vessels entering and leaving a reservoir of type C, type P or risk zone zebra mussel should be disinfected in a disinfection station official. In Almatret …

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Performance of the ANTARES duo (Jan & Lenka)

The magnificent duo played major themes of Eric Clapton, Adele, Eros Ramazzotti … among many others. A great live! Jan and Lenka performed at the pier Almatret bar, next to Ebro river. It was an intimate concert, we hope to repeat soon. Below you can see a summary of the concert: www.antares-music.cz


Fishing is allowed 24 hours with dead or alive fish in Almatret

peix viu almatret

The specil setting of fishing Almatret, within the fishing zone controlled EB-01, in EBRO river, authorizes the use of alive or dead fish and fishing is permitted 24 hours. Can be used as bait the exotic espesies as gardin, carp, and goldfish, as well as other species that do not appear in annex I to …

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Pikeperch with our fishing guide



  Una gran jornada de carpfishing en Almatret. A pesar de empezar a pescar con viento y poca actividad en el río, fue una buena jornada. Progresivamente se paró el viento y pudimos escuchar un poco de movimiento en el río, poco comparado con otros días. De todas formas de madrugada empezaron a tocar los …

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Cleaning and maintenance of the natural environment of the Ebro river

The Ebro river side in Almatret, in Ribarroja reservoir, has been cleaned this week. A lot of abandoned waste materials have been picked up, for example bottles, cans, plastics,fishing materials, batteries,…These materials increase fire risk, pollution in the land and water, the water that goes to our houses. We have got a wonderful natural environment, …

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